Protect Your Pavement From the Elements

Turn to us for sealcoating services in the Shrewsbury, MA area

Over the years, your asphalt surface will be exposed to harsh elements that can dampen its look or cause damage. If you want to keep your parking lot in excellent condition for as long as possible, hire Suburban Blacktop in Shrewsbury, MA for sealcoating services. We'll add a protective, professional-looking coating to your asphalt made from coal tar, asphalt emulsion or Gilsonite.

Speak with our team today to schedule asphalt sealcoating services.

For commercial properties only, we offer night and weekend sealcoating services. You can also request pipe bollard installation and painting services as well as line striping services for an additional price.

5 ways asphalt sealcoating improves your pavement

Asphalt sealcoating makes maintaining your asphalt much easier. Sealcoating can...

  1. Repel oil or gasoline spills
  2. Extend the life span of your pavement
  3. Shield your pavement from harmful UV rays
  4. Add a polished, professional look to any pavement
  5. Prevent water from seeping into cracks in your pavement

We recommend waiting 12 months after your initial pavement installation before sealing. Call us now if you have any questions about our sealcoating services.

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